Why I’m Thankful for The Road I’ve Traveled | 50 Over 50 | Dayton, OH Photographer

Amy and her daughter came to the studio with open hearts, fully trusting our process in the hopes to have a mother-daughter moment they would never forget. We delivered!

She also agreed to be a part of our 50 Over 50 campaign and I’m honored that she did. Everything she does for herself, she does to show her daughter how to love HERself in the same way. As mother of a little girl, I found this so inspiring.

The love of a mother is endless and so profound; and as a mother, it can be easier to show our daughters love than it is to show ourselves. Don’t forget to love YOU as well today, friends. You are every bit as deserving. – Xo

“This has been an amazing and unforgettable experience, being photographed by Whitney. All I’ve ever wanted out of life was for my daughter to look at me and be proud that I am her Mom. During this experience Whitney brought that out in the beautiful work she does with her portraits. I’ve heard that most women have anxiety or depression when turning 50 – I on the other hand decided to embrace It, learn to love me for me and be thankful for the road I’ve traveled. It was such an honor being a part of this experience.”

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