Why I Embrace the Gift of Nature | 50 Over 50 | Dayton, OH | Photographer

Our latest 50 Over 50 client’s words are true inspiration for any woman coming to terms with aging. Acceptance and self-love can really go a long way. 🖤

This is what she had to say:
“Aging …we can’t stop it; it happens to all of us, but we can embrace it. We can choose to be happy for another day and know that we’ve earned every line and wrinkle on our faces. Every sagging part of our body, it tells us that we are survivors and we are still here. I feel as I’ve gotten older I have embraced the fact that I still have so much life to live. I FEEL young inside so I don’t necessarily feel I have to dress “my age” as they say, or wear my hair a certain way. The saying “you’re only as young as you feel” is so true and goes from the inside out. I do my make up every day, I get dressed every day, put on my jewelry every day, not for anyone else, but for myself. It is my daily ritual that gives me positive energy and a positive start to each new day. After all, we all have been aging from the very day that we were born, it’s something we can’t stop so we might as well embrace it. Yes, our bodies may change, our faces may look a different, but we need to remember that we are STILL WORTHY, and that we’ve earned every minute of the right to be who we are, our authentic self. So at 60 years old I’m going to embrace what the gift of nature has given me and try to pay as little attention to those lines, wrinkles and sags as possible. I am proud of who I am today. I am ME.”

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