Frequently Asked Questions Before a Photoshoot with WDP

Some of the women in your portfolio look like models. I am not a “model” persay… is this really for me?

A: My sessions are for EVERY person! You don’t have to know what you’re doing in front of a camera at ALL. I will direct you every step of the way; we’ll prepare for your photo shoot together with styling tips and preparation YES and NO’s, and during the shoot I’ll pose and direct you, showing your BEST angles in the BEST light; I’ll even be your breathing coach throughout your session. Trust me… you’ve got this! 

Q: How far in advance should I book my session?

I recommend clients have their shoot date scheduled for at least 3 months prior to the date they’ll need their finished product. That said, it’s never too soon to get scheduled; more time & planning = a better shoot!

Your finished product (depending on what you order) will arrive between 4 and 6 weeks after your session.

Q: How much should I expect to spend in total, including additional a la carte items not included in my collection?

A:  I have clients who spend $400 and clients who spend $3000; it’s truly up to you and there is never any pressure, but most clients spend about $2500 (on average) for their session and additional photo products. My clients are amazed by how hard it is to choose from their images during the photo reveal. You’ll want to choose a collection that will allow you to take home all of the images you love with curated luxury products designed around your personal style. 
WDP collections are intentionally set based on my past client purchases, popular requests/needs, and our most desired products.

Email to get more information about WDP portrait collections, and a la carte pricing to see what product offerings are available for your session.

Q: When and how will I select my favorite images from the session?

A: Whitney Danielle Photography is proud to offer in-person photo reveal and ordering appointments a few weeks after your photo session. This is where you’ll view all of the photos from your shoot, choose the images you LOVE, and place your final print order. This allows us to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect portrait collection for your personal needs.

Q: What if my hair and skin need extra attention? 
A: If you have skin sensitivities or conditions, or if your hair takes longer than average to style, we will absolutely still be able to accommodate you. Please shoot us an e-mail ahead of time so that we can have the proper tools on hand and also so that we block out the appropriate amount of time.

Q: I’m really not comfortable with being photographed nude, but I would love to have photographs done by you! Is it possible?

Absolutely! My specialty is PORTRAITS, this includes boudoir and creative women’s portraiture, and as you probably already know it’s one of my passions, but first and foremost I am a photographer of PEOPLE; that incudes traditional or fashion style portraits. We honor your comfortably on the level of undress involved in each shoot, and the styling is always catered to your personal style and requests. 

Q: What should I wear?  I’m lost… HELP!

A: This is probably THE most frequently asked question… and the answer is simply this… WHATEVER makes you FEEL like a million bucks! My style is effortless, modern, & sexy, usually monochrome, with a touch of cool; which usually includes items you likely already have in your possession; long or short-sleeved bodysuits in black and white, oversized sweaters or cropped t-shirts with high waist panties (or imagine a leather jacket, blazer, or fur with high waisted panties), a robe, or even HIS shirt. Some clients opt for lingerie, or even fine-art fully nude shots, this is always your choice. Once we’ve booked and scheduled your shoot, I’ll send you a styling + preparation guide that will help you out during the planning process! In addition, your portrait session comes with access to the studio wardrobe, which includes a variety of kimono’s, dresses, fashion pieces, fabrics, bodysuits, button up shirts, and more. All of these are options available for any portrait session!

Q: Can I have someone with me at my session?

A: If you’d like to have ONE friend or family member along for support, I don’t mind at all! Sometimes it can be just what you need! I DO ask that the friend not interfere with the shoot (“touching you up” between shots, directing your posing, etc.) The BEST shoots happen when it’s just YOU, ME, & the CAMERA!

P.S. Even better than bringing a friend to watch… why not book your shoots back to back so you can experience it TOGETHER? Ask for details!

Q: What’s included in your photo retouching?

A: I take a very natural approach to editing and prefer to alter your images (and YOU!) as little as possible. I do perform light skin edits as needed (on things like under eye circles, blemishes, and noticeable cellulite, or even scars – by request only). In either style of retouching, my ultimate photographic goal is always to utilize the most flattering light, angles, and poses so that tons of post-processing isn’t necessary.  I am committed to capturing who you ARE, not who I think you should be, therefore you will find my edits do not alter you beyond recognition, but simply enhance the beauty you already have.

Q: These photos are going to be a gift for my significant other; what products would you recommend for the perfect gift?

A: Albums and folio boxes are an obvious choice for displaying a good number, or ALL of your images on your coffee table, shelves, or stands as statement pieces in your home. Most clients choose at least one larger piece of wall art for their home; a master bedroom or bathroom, even a walk in closet, or if you love the idea of being the art on your own walls (like myself…), the living room!

Q: Who will see my photos? Will you use them in your portfolio (website/social media/marketing/etc)?

A: Of course I would LOVE to use your images from our shoot to help support other women in making the decision to DO THIS for themselves! These photos are ART, and should be seen! As an artist and creative I get most of my business from showcasing my beautiful client sessions; HOWEVER, I fully appreciate and understand when a client doesn’t want their images shared with the public! Your images will never be shared without your permission, and it is completely your choice.
P.S. I am always amenable to signing an NDA should you need one from me because of your profession or public visibility.

For questions NOT covered here, feel free to reach out for more information!  

-X, Whitney

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