Vulnerability; the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

I don’t think there’s a better word to describe 2020.


Living in the new normal, being judged for wearing or not wearing a mask, all the while being terrified of the unknown; just walking down the street can feel like standing naked in a crowd.

This photo for me sparks a complex conversation between the narrative of COVID-19 and the intense emotional battle we have all encountered during the course of this year.

2020 may have slowed, and even brought to an abrupt halt, so many aspects of life as we know it, but it has also opened our hearts and sparked CHANGE in the world. During the overwhelming silence of this time I’ve had the opportunity to think, and it has inspired me to move forward on a path I was afraid to go down a few short months ago.

Anyone who follows my work knows that I love creating art for women that shows respect to the female form and celebrates their bodies.

I will ALWAYS offer an option for POWERFUL women’s portraiture.

With that said, I have made the decision to pull back on WDP as a client focused business, and put my focus into creative personal endeavors; exhibitions, teaching, and narrative story telling through my images.

I have had the time of my life on this journey so far, and I hope that all of you continue to follow me on this new path.

All that’s really important to say is THANK YOU.

Thank you for your support, thank you for your love.