Back to School Means Back to Yourself Mamas | Dayton Photography Studio

The time has come across the Midwest… it’s the bittersweet time of the year when the kids head back to school. Sure, you cried seeing the bus pull away, SURE you’ll miss that chubby, crumb covered face – for the whole 7 minutes it takes to realize you’re about to have 5 minutes to YOURSELF.

WE, Moms… WE NEED TIME! We need time to feel like US again, to feel beautiful, to be taken care of without planning, without worry. We need to take the time to be authentically us again. The title of MAMA is one to be proud of, it’s an incredible honor and a great responsibility… but it is never going to be ALL of who YOU are.

Motherhood Shoot

So many of our clients are moms. I have so much respect for any of my clients with children, family, careers who have shown up mentally prepared, having read the prep guide, and on time; sister, HOW did you do it all?!
I also have so much respect for my clients who show up a little frantic, unsure, and wondering how in the hell they actually got themselves out the door to do this in the first place!

Either way, we’re going to make this the BEST photoshoot experience you’ve ever had. That’s what we do – we take you out of the daily grind for just long enough to remember WHO. YOU. ARE.

That’s where the WDP Experience comes in…

Women’s Portraits

This beautiful client is no exception to this, a mother of two young boys, a photographer herself, and someone who was still trying to find herself in her new mom life. We’ve all been there. She walked in feeling unsure, and left feeling like she could take on the world.

Whitney and her team went above and beyond to help this Momma of two feel like a true model. I was beyond nervous for my session (given I wasn’t super comfortable in my new “mom” body) but Whitney, Courtney & Jess were so encouraging and truly made me feel confident & proud of my new body. Not only was the session fantastic, but sitting down with Whitney and choosing the photos is hands down one of the best experiences. There were tears shed, and she was so encouraging the whole time. I am so proud every time I see my images, and I know I made a lifelong friend at the end of it all. Thank you WDP & team!

Cheers to this sweet client. She is killing motherhood, kicking ass at building her business, and getting back to the basics of HER. X-

If you’re ready to get back to the basics with a photoshoot experience… let’s chat.

50 Over 50 Project: NOW BOOKING

This year I set out on a mission. A mission of empowerment and celebration of life, age, and all things beauty.

In turning 35, I’ve found myself with a false sense of belief that these, my 30’s, are my best years, and that if I don’t act now – enjoy them to the fullest now, that I’m going to miss out on something in life. None of that is true. There is no perfect time frame, or specific season of your life in which to love yourself and enjoy life more. That time is now… 20lbs up or 20lbs down, 35 or 65 years young. This moment right now is still a part of your life regardless of the number of years you’ve been blessed with. It deserves its own honor, love, and much earned respect. I believe women truly do get more beautiful with age.

The women I’ve been meeting during this project have a confidence in them that only age and life experience can bring. They’re fierce… POWERFUL in their own right, and they are PROOF that life over 50 can be a sexy time of celebration, thriving, success, and fun. 🖤

NOW BOOKING the FIFTY OVER FIFTY Project for 2022. The project is a special one, and will end in an exhibition style gallery event and magazine with excerpts on age and beauty from each powerful woman who was a part of it. If you, or someone you know would be a perfect fit for this project, reach out to me at for more information.